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Do YOU resonate with any of these?

You are an HR professional looking for learning experiences that enable personal growth for the employees and enhance company performance

You are an established leader and, although from the outside it looks like you have figured it all and are doing great, on the inside something does not feel right

You are leading a team and want to ensure your team members reach their highest potential

You are leading a team and want your team to operate in a way that creates something greater than each individual

You are a new leader, you feel like your new role is a blessing and a curse and you are craving confidence

You are looking for clarity in your career path or to step up to your next professional role

You are a working parent and you want balance and to get your power back

Here is how WE can work together:

leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

Whether you are a high-level leader or a new leader, leadership can feel very lonely. I can be your thought partner. I promise to tell you what most people don’t dare to say in order for you to see better and as a result act in alignment with your goals.


Career coaching

It does not matter if you are at the beginning of your professional journey or you are a seasoned leader, career coaching is for you when you are searching for clarity, purpose and action. Your career plan that feels compelling and actionable is your deliverable.


Team coaching

Uncover and rip the benefits of collective intelligence with team coaching. It will be a thought-provoking, co-creative and reflective process uncovering team dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires maximization of team potential for reaching common goals. 

working parents

Working parents

Becoming a parent is a joy and a curse. But conscious parenting is the ultimate leadership school and most people don’t know it. Enabling working parents to see the transferability of their skills between the two lives they live is liberating and enhancing.


ME – Who am I to say I can help?

I’m a qualified and professional coach and I’m accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which is the world’s largest organization for professionally trained coaches and the leading voice for the global coaching community and ethical standards.

The PCC certification I hold shows that I’ve been verified to meet ICF’s high standards in coaching competencies and ethics.

I had the honor to work with and I was offered the trust of people across the world in multiple companies.

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