Leadership coaching

Coaching for leadership that accelerates performance, builds engagement and brings fulfillment.

Leadership is not a title. It’s the way you shop up every day. You can lead your team and even your life from a place of awareness and intention or let yourself drift. Leadership is also a skill set that includes: 

  • motivating people through empowerment and recognition
  • guiding people by aligning them around a common goal, coaching them and solving problems
  • including others by encouraging participation and relationship building


Which one do you want to hone?

Established leader

High-level leadership can feel very lonely.

You crave to deeply connect with the people in your team, but there are certain things you can not say to them, even if you want to. And there are things they would never tell you, irrespective of how passionate they feel about them. Most of the time you hear what people think you want to hear.

I promise to openly tell you what I see. This will help you see better and act in alignment to your goals.

First time leader

You have been chosen from the team and now you need to lead it. That is what you wished for but it also feels like a curse.

A million questions are going through your head: how to position yourself in such a way that you do not lose friends and lead with equity? How to address potential hostilities from other people that were targeting the position? How to lead at all, as you were a great subject-matter expert, who never had to lead before?

Coaching can offer you options to work with.

leadership coaching

How leadership coaching can benefit you:


— Jenn, CFO &  Mom

Interested to work with me?

Whether you want to experience coaching for yourself, your team, or as an HR representative you have a mandate to bring coaching to people in your organization, let’s have a conversation. 

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