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My name is Magda.

Here is an insight into my coaching and life journey.

This is my official bio...

Driven by enthusiasm and a great passion for the impact our way of thinking has on our behavior, coaching is my third career, since 2019.

My clients know me for my ability to see things that others don’t, and for the courage to say it out loud, even if it is not comfortable. This helps leaders see how strong they are, increase their influence and lead their teams with empowerment over control.

Often, clients come to me with a lack of commitment to themselves, and express feeling overwhelmed. They leave our conversations energized, and confident to go out into the world creating the impossible: getting an MBA scholarship, being more creative, pursuing their career ambitions in a sustainable way that does not compromise on their well-being, and having clarity on their next career move.

I coach in 1:1, group, and team setups.

My clients are leaders, having local, regional, or global roles, including C-level as well as high potentials and working parents from across the world, in companies active in IT & tech, financial services, food & bev, pharma, oil & gas.

Three words that describe my coaching style: direct, not directive

Previously, as a corporate banker at ING, I was the go-to person for some of the largest food&bev companies as well as construction companies in Romania. As a corporate banker, I have coordinated the first sustainable financing deal for ING and I have a track record of aligning people from different departments, having different interests, to generate the optimal solution for clients.

Before, at the age of 22, I was a financial editor who interviewed CEOs and board members of some of the largest banks in Europe, like Société Générale, Deutsche Bank, and Dexia.

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I was offered the trust of people across the world. I know there is much more that unites us than sets us apart. Here are some insights into my coaching conversations:

Where Magda's clients are located

…and this is my real bio

My name is Magda Dorobantu. I have been bullied. I’ve struggled. I’ve lost people I loved. I’ve felt lonely.

I have an open heart and a big mouth, and have always been committed to seeing possibility when others only see impossibility. I understand at a deep level that overcoming obstacles in life is the way to progress and growth. Both proved very useful in motherhood – which was more like a marathon in the desert with no shoes or water rather than the blissful journey I envisaged. But I pressed forward, and have two amazing (if sometimes infuriating) daughters.

I enjoy using all my senses when I explore nature: I love smelling flowers and checking if the smell is actually what I imagined looking at the shape and color of the flowers and I totally adore the feeling of wholeness and liberty I have at the top of the mountain in winter, just before starting the ride down.

I’ve coached people that were feeling lonely and struggling with a lack of self-confidence, despite being admired by others. 

I’ve coached leaders to find a sustainable way to pursue their professional ambitions, without having to sacrifice their personal well-being. 

I’ve coached leaders to become more creative and better leverage the skills and diversity of their teams.

I’ve coached working parents into seeing parenting as fun and with a hell of a lot less drama. They learned to live more in the moment and to make time for good things to happen.

I stand for:

Purposeful mindset

I believe the way we think impacts the way we act, which in turn impacts the results we get.


I believe bringing our whole self in all aspects of our lives makes us feel whole, more authentic, happier and ultimately perform better.


I believe that people that personally thrive are able to professionally inspire.

Curious what’s like to work with me?

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