I’ve worked with clients from various backgrounds across the globe. Here is what some of them have experienced as a result of coaching.

Magda has really helped me improve my performance and realize more of my potential. I've been working with Magda for about two months and I am more than satisfied with the results. Among other things, she helped me to identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals and to break up thought patterns that were holding me back from achieving my goals. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve a better professional and personal life. It's been a great journey!

I found coaching with Magda incredibly helpful. I worked through some challenges with a commitment to my self-care. In the past, I have been very good at my commitments related to other people but when it came to self-care I could not manage to keep my commitment on a consistent bases. Through the coaching with Magda I managed to overcome this and I’m am pleased to say that for the past month I was able to exercise every single day and meditate twice a day. This feels like a major breakthrough for me.

I had never worked with a coach before and was introduced to Magda before starting a new executive position. I am a mother of three young children and had been working in Finance at the management/executive level for the past 20 years and decided to leave my existing position to pursue a more prestigious opportunity. I was feeling very overwhelmed in my life and full of doubt before starting this new opportunity. I feared that I wouldn’t be successful in this new position and that my family would suffer as I worked long hours in this new role.

After one session with Magda, she helped me realize why I was hired and that my confidence is a result of doing the job and not a pre-requisite. She helped me see how hard I was being on my self and worked with me to identify some strategies I could use to be successful in the position and create the life I want for myself. I quickly started getting excited to take on the position instead of being fearful.

I continued to check in with Magda every few weeks and I always felt grounded and more confident after each session. I felt like I would start each session with all kinds of thoughts racing through my head and she would do such an excellent job of helping me identify what was within my control and what I could work on to reach my goals. She has a special talent of doing this in a way where she just asks the right questions and it’s so interesting how I was actually the one with the solutions!

I feel like my time with Magda has been life changing. She helped me see how strong I am, the importance of being present, and ultimately the confidence to just be myself.

In the end I was successful in my new position, but ended up making a decision to leave it and focus on my family. I did this with confidence and clarity.

I’m in my mid 40’s and have honestly always been a bit skeptical of coaching. However after my experience with Magda, I feel like it’s something everyone can benefit from, and especially women and mothers working in Management positions. I don’t think there is enough support for women and mothers in many corporate environments, especially at the executive level and coaching is a must. I am very grateful I was introduced to Magda and would highly recommend her as a coach.

As a result of coaching with Magda, I feel I have rediscovered my power and energy to live, to work, to act. I liberated myself, step by step, from the blockages, the barriers, the doubts and the fears that were pressing me and preventing me from moving forward, from acting, sometimes even from thinking straight. My gains from coaching are extremely valuable: confidence, courage, energy, drive, clarity, focus. Now I am more present and more self-aware. Magda patiently guided me and helped me to discover and bring to light many 'treasures' that have been laying hidden within myself. For this I am very grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Before working with Magda I was struggling to find the trust in me to do things I dreamed of. Like having the courage to go to a TV show or having a facebook or blog page to write my feelings, my thoughts, my vision about life and the universe or hosting an event. I had struggles finding my own voice, and understanding why I can not set healthy boundaries. I was also trying to change the external world and to change others instead of working on myself. Now my life is more in flow. Now I am more relaxed and in pace with my dark side… I know every external conflict is actual an internal one, so I accept more and more everything the way it is. I am focusing more on myself.

Before coaching, I believed that success is achieved by hard work and sacrificing the joys of life. And I imagined my personal success as something small because I didn’t have the confidence that I was able to do such a hard job. I did not dare to dream bigger and I struggled a lot with procrastination.

I didn't feel sufficiently prepared to actually achieve my professional and personal goals. My biggest fears were around making mistakes and disappointing my family or the people I work with. Moreover, my success, although modest, required perfect work and therefore, I doubted the value of the things I was achieving, even if they brought good results.

I tried to work harder and compensate for my insecurities. I have added more obstacles in front of my goals, so that the road is longer and I make sure to avoid all mistakes. It was clear that this way was not sustainable and that I would need to change my view. I didn't know where to start such a change, and I didn't even fully realize the size of my problem.

I was pushed towards coaching and I had some doubts about this method. First of all, I imagined that I will discover something totally wrong with me, and that without making extreme changes, this method will not be successful. Then I thought that coaching means that I would receive advice on how I should live my life. Before, when I received such advice even though I considered it, it was difficult for me to follow it. So, I doubted that I was willing to make changes as a result of advice.

I discovered that it was not as I imagined. Magda guided me in such a way that I could get to the root of my problems on my own and then have a different perspective on them. The change in perception came through AHAs. I discovered that the problems I'm facing are normal and together with Magda, I untangled them.

There are some ideas that were the levers of my new perception. The most important was the increase of self-confidence. As a result, I created a new, bolder, bigger and achievable image of my success and I started working on it immediately.

Moreover, I started to accept mistakes as something human. I started to temper my perfectionism by realizing that I cannot control everything that happens around me. The expectations of others are not something I can control and therefore, I have learned to set sustainable limits in relationships and to align these expectations with my personal and professional objectives.

I met Magda at the beginning of 2019 when she started to accompany me, with discretion and patience, in my journey to order the avalanche of events, ideas, hesitations and intentions, giving me the space so necessary to bring to light the essentials and act with confidence. Relentless in seeking new tool and methods to fulfill her mission, with a comforting sense of humor, rigorous in approach without restricting the process of exploration, Magda manages to create the revealing context of the purpose urging to action.

Magda created the right space for me to reflect and find what would work for me as approach to achieve my goals. Through powerful questions she helped me identify what I want to change in my behaviours and way of thinking but also what I'm not willing to let go of. Magda has really helped me look at my challenges from different perspectives and therefore helped me plan for actions I would have probably not thought of otherwise.

Working with Magda was very insightful and practical – after 6 months parenting life is as hectic as ever but much more fun and with a hell of a lot less drama. Learning to live more in the moment and to make time for good things to happen made a big difference in our family life. Thank you Magda!

Magda is great in creating a safe space where I can be absolutely honest and discuss topics that are important to me but also very difficult to face. She has a great sense of when to let me ventilate but also when to intervene in order to keep me on track. Her observations are spot on and her challenging questions are very much appreciated.

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your approach to go beyond and deeper into any subject that we discussed.

This approach of yours pushed me outside from my comfort zone and forced me to look for real reasons, answer essential questions, and challenge my up-to-date approach.

My biggest struggles were strategical thinking, art of delegation and negative response/anger. Each session helped me to understand my obstacles, provided me tools to work with them and pushed me by small steps to improve these and other areas.

I am still on the journey, but quite far away from where I started. I gained much valuable high level approach, improved my delegation (and "not taking back") skills and gained so much needed rest together with proper work-life balance. Thank you, Magda, once again for your insight, smart questions and all you help on my journey. It was fun!

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