Truth and myths about coaching

Most people think that coaching is about asking questions, but the truth is that coaching is about deep human connection and presence that enables growth.

Most people think coaching is a pat on the head, but the truth is coaching is challenging and not necessarily comfortable.

Most people think they need to know how to do something, but the truth is they need to overcome the internal barrier that is holding them from actually doing it or learning to do it.     

Execs think that they need a coach that is like them, a former C-level leader, but the truth is they need a coach that doesn’t know their issues and can challenge them in an authentic way. Because the less you know, the better you can see and thus, as a coach, enable the clients to see better.

Most people think that they should hide certain parts of themselves when they come to work, but the truth is that bringing your whole self in all aspects of your life, makes you feel whole and more authentic and enables better performance.

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