Truth and myths about coaching

Most people think that coaching is about asking questions, but the truth is that coaching is about deep human connection and presence that enables growth. Most people think coaching is a pat on the head, but the truth is coaching is challenging and not necessarily comfortable. Most people think they need to know how to […]

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is a recurrent theme in my coaching conversations with clients and shows in different forms and shapes. It can show up related to career movements, the way leaders lead their teams and even relationships. But, at the end of the day, the difference between the ones who make it and the ones […]


It’s quite some time now since I kept on telling myself I want to do something for my body. I have been trying a lot of things that did not work for me, so I quickly quit. A bit more than 3 months ago I discovered yoga! I also discovered I like it very much […]


We all know grief is ‘normal’ when losing someone or something dear. I have recently participated in an event where I learned something unexpected: grief shows up with happy moments. Grief can also show up when getting married, having a baby or even letting go of an addiction. With all these kinds of events, we get something […]


There are no ‘crazy’ behaviours, only ‘crazy’ assumptions. The way we think impacts the way we behave, which in turn impacts the results we get. One of the things I like about coaching is to put light on the assumptions clients are making and the link between those assumptions and their goals. One of my […]

You don’t need a coach like you

You don’t need a coach ‘like’ you. Most people think they need a coach that understands what they are going through, but the truth is you are best served by a coach that challenges you and your view of the world. It’s comfortable and relatable to surround yourself with people like you. And it is […]